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updating your xbox 360-17

The pad proved its worth across an extended console generation owing to its excellent analogue sticks and well-designed bumpers and triggers, its only real weakness coming in the form of a woefully poor d-pad.

The fact that the original design still holds up today demonstrates the extent to which Microsoft's designers got it right back in the day.

In this initial post, we'll be covering off seven different pads we've used over the course of our PC gaming this year - and there are more to come.

Logitech's F310 and F710 controllers are en route and we'll also be giving Nvidia's Shield controller a workout in due course.

I started out making this tool because I found that all the alternatives to display gamepad input were too much of a hassle to set up or simply weren't customizable enough to my liking.

After a while, I realized that other people could benefit from the tool I made, and ever since I've been updating and extending the original features.

There are two basic iterations of the Xbox 360 controller of course - wired and wireless - and both of them are compatible with the PC.

To utilise the pad's wireless functionality an inexpensive USB dongle is required, but from our perspective, it is actually the wired pad that offers the best combination of function and convenience.

However, our Day One Edition Xbox One controller failed within a year as the micro-USB socket effectively wore out.