The County in conjunction with MUD 41 are looking into possible solutions and a town hall meeting is planned for this December to discuss the findings.

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We had several homeowners attend the meeting to discuss Harvey flooding their homes.

Street flooding has been a persistent problem but during this event, homes were flooded from Ash Point Lane to Noblewood.

A Harvey get together was held Sunday September 24th at the pool parking lot and we gave out hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks.

The inspiration for this gathering was a frozen slider patty donation received by one of our neighbors, Louie Liendo. Liendo received this donation for his Hurricane Harvey cooking relief efforts for Texas BBQ.

Not every home but enough to raise serious concerns and demand the attention of our elected officials.

In addition to water backing up thru the storm drains, Red Gully came out of its banks.

We encourage residents to attend as there will be representatives from Fort Bend County, MUD 41and the FBC Sheriff's office. This meeting will replace the monthly Board meeting for the month of December 2017.

If your home was affected by the storm and under renovation please contact Sterling and advise of progress.

If you wish to get email notices from the Board, please send an email to: [email protected]

Sincerely, VOL HOA Board October Message From the Board Dear Neighbors, this last month has been hard on all of us with flooding and recovery efforts within our neighborhood.

At the time that this message went in for publication, the event had not occurred so we'll have more details next month.