Below are steps on how to perform these updates, as well as additional recommendations to help update your computer.If you are running Microsoft Windows 98 or later, at least some updates should be available for your computer.

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Updating windows 98 programs video

Help, my PC with Windows 10 won't shut down properly Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won't shut down properly.

I use the menu button shutdown and the screen goes blank, but the system does not fully shut down.

Below are recommendations for helping to prevent problems.

Although problems may occur after running the Microsoft Windows Update.

Users of Microsoft Windows XP and later versions can have Microsoft Windows automatically update their computer.

To get the best performance from your computer, it is recommended that you make sure you have the latest drivers for the hardware devices in your computer.

Rebooting is an important step and in some cases may be required several times before you have installed all the Windows updates available.

After the computer has rebooted, make sure to visit the Windows update page again to make sure all the files you need are downloaded.

Alternatively, you can download software utilities such as Belarc Advisor that will list the updates installed on your computer and any critical updates you may be missing.

Upgrading From Windows 95: The 5 Step Process Windows 98 Setup will run differently depending upon whether you are upgrading from Windows 95, or another operating system.

Thats like having Windows XP and instead of using a Windows XP Professional upgrade disc you try to install a full retail version over XP. If you are running Anti Virus and a Spy Zapper and a Firewall and possibly a Spam Killer then 98se will still serve you well.