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Or does the external channel changing script need to find the freqid from the database on its own?

Chicago: so you don't actually need the script to look up the freqid because.. ) it's what the channel number should be if you set up the channel table correctly (i.e.

there is the title "Name," but no box to edit it in... I know I've seen this before and overcome it, but I can't recall how... quick Q, I go into watch live tv and get the cable (note, I have an external cable box with a script setup to allow channel changing), escape out, go back into live tv and get a black screen.

the backend shows swapping to livetv, the frontend shows "tv error: startplayer(): nvp is not playing after 20000 msec"hey, couple new people joined. i go into watch live tv, tuner shows up, escape out, go back into it, screen says black with "tv error: startplayer(): nvp is not playing after 20000 msec" at this point i can only kill the frontendsorry this is only tangentially mythtv-related, but is it normal for the size on disk to be smaller when copying a table from one database to another?

if i watch the logging, it eventually times out, startplayer() error about nvp not playing after 20000 msec although the backend logging looks the same between the first and 2nd time. I've just upgraded from 0.20.20060828–3 to 0.20.20070821–1 and now mythbackend seems to die every time I go into "backend status" in mythweb. It is now recording it and when I select to enter Live TV I'm forbidden to doso and requested to go to the recording list....gbee: Anyway, had you not posted it first, I would have said almost exactly what you did about my opinion not really counting--after all, I don't have to constantly review/test patches that fix things I don't care about or fix bugs that don't affect me, so my opinion shouldn't carry the weight of someone who's sad, but there are a lot of people under the impression that the mythtv devs are unapproachable – met a lot of them at the events I've attended with Justin and Stuart A.

Nothing much hsowing up in logging 'all' in mythbackend, anyone got any ideas where to look next? They are usually pretty suprised when you tell them that the guys they are talking to are devs and they find out we're not the fire-breathing monsters they'd picturedthere are three language settings, the two labelled "guide language" are used in descending order to chose your preferred subtitle language, if your first choice isn't found then it will use the second one I know that the OSD menu will only show the options for the different subtitle types if they are found in the stream being played, so it sounds like they're not recognized if subtitles aren't on the menu.

Yet, it doesn't describe how to install, configure, or use ati_remote2 module. when I simply place the files in the mythweb directory and try to call them from webpages, I get "movie not loaded" messages.

datetime: 2010-12-02 (UTC) errornum: 2 error type: Warning error string: htmlentities() [function.htmlentities]: Invalid multibyte sequence in argument filename: /opt/beirdobot/share/beirdobot/web/includes/error line: 120 raptorjr: You could try modifying something like QMAKE_CFLAGS -= -O3\n QMAKE_CFLAGS = -O2 would let you try less aggressive optimizations (usually the problem was the other way around, -O, -O0, and no -O used to be trouble for some)Q. escape out, go back to watch live tv and the screen stays black.

if you entered the channel number in the freqid field)levander is right though, I think ubuntu has definitely lowered the bar for entry to linux, as other distros have to greater or lesser extents recently. one for each input, the only difference is that one calls video0 and the other calls video1justinh: I think they're possibly for another type of encoder or maybe even a decoder...