For example: The Accept header also now indicates which version is expected to be returned. If ommitted, Expedia will default to return the latest version.

If provided, Expedia will validate that the version requested for the response is a valid one.

A Java implementation to handle this, using Spring’s Rest Template, could look like this: Distribution model(s) under which the property is configured to work with Expedia.

Possible values are: Expedia Collect, Hotel Collect.

Expedia can configure properties to accept last minute bookings up until AM on the next day.

If configured this way, a property would accept that Expedia uses availability and rates from September 1st, and sell it up until September 2nd, AM (based on property timezone).

In the software developed separate functions will be there for each of the above points so that there is ample scope for adding more features in the near future.

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Possible values are Per Day Pricing and Occupancy Based Pricing.

This list is different from the rate plan pricing model list, as rate plans can have more detailed pricing schemes (arrival and length of stay). When cancel policies are defined and exchanged via the rate plan resource, a deadline in hours is provided.

Properties that opted in the Expedia Traveler Preference program will have both.