It also recommended that customers download software only from "trusted sources" like the Apple App Store, "since exploiting many of these issues requires a malicious app to be loaded on your Mac or i OS device." Google and Microsoft have taken steps to protect their browsers alongside Apple.In all versions of Mac OS X, there is a very handy tool called Software Update, which checks your computer and determines if there are any updates available for you to download and install.

The i Pad Safari software can perform all of the same functions as desktop Safari.

This includes tabbed browsing, an RSS reader, and zoom in/out.

Apple said recent updates to its i OS, mac OS and tv OS operating systems included protections against the Meltdown issue, which has been shown to affect several Intel chips.

Apple said the operating system for its Apple Watch didn't need a fix for Meltdown, or the Spectre vulnerability.

However, if automatic updates are not working, you can access the App Store on your i Pad or i Phone and check the Updates section to see if a Safari update is available to download. However, if you would like to check the version or update manually, follow these steps: Download the latest version of Opera from the official Opera download page: https:// are other Internet browsers available and in use today and we are not able to provide the steps to update each and every one.

If your browser is not listed above, below are some general tips for how to upgrade your browser.

Spectre affects more chips, including the Arm processors used in i Phones and i Pads.

On a new support page on its website, Apple said the vulnerability is "extremely difficult to exploit." Nonetheless, the company said it will issue updates to its Safari browser for i OS and mac OS to close the vulnerability "in the coming days." Apple said the patches will have "no measurable effect" on performance.

Keeping your Internet browser up-to-date is important for both security and ensuring that web pages load properly.