This will also ensure you get updates about the Ruby on Rails Tutorial and related products (such as the Learn Enough to Be Dangerous series of tutorials).

updating phusion passenger-56

I was having trouble getting the Server line in the HTTP header changed.

This advice should work for Debian branch distros with systemd and Apache 2.4.7. Some advice I found was to do This led me to /etc/apache2/conf-available/where both Server Tokens and Server Signature were specified.

Process managers in a server use the process types to run and manage the workload.

In a Procfile, you declare one process type per line and use the following syntax: Cloud Foundry uses the default standard Ruby web server library WEBrick for Ruby and Ruby on Rails apps.

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when changing the Tracker on an issue the Description content of an issue will be updated to the template of the new Tracker as long as the Description content has not been changed.

Sorry, I'm not used to patch redmine and I have some diffuculties here.

I really wanted to set the Server tag to "Unknown" to make our Qualys scans happy.