Things more often than not went quite well once a project and its pricing was mutually accepted.

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Live Chat is a live chat app that can be integrated into websites to provide customer service and real-time online support; designed to help online businesses manage communications with website visitors and customers.

Live Chat serves as an easy to use and effective way to interact with customers without them having to pick up the phone.

11062: Setup Script: Private Key Database info displays at completion when set to Store Encryption Keys in the Same Database 11075: CSSUI Templates: OUSM Page Template (CSSUI): Miva Script Mv EVAL tag is present in the page template 11089: Administrative Interface: admin/ Validation_Code set after return 14336: Template Subsystem: Canonical category code should be made available on the PROD page.

14872: Module: cmp-mv-hdft: Unused [page]template files are created 16838: Administrative Interface: Administrative Sessions batch list should probably allow session deletion from within the list 16845: Module: statetax: Increasing number of states require calculation to 3 decimal digits with explicit rounding up 17152: Administrative Interface: Deleting a large number of products is extremely slow 17349: Module: paypalpro: Paypalpro always returns a blank pay_method field 17418: Framework Import/Export: The %STORE_ID% image path token is being replaced with incorrect values when exported from page templates 17434: Administrative Interface: It should be possible to return items to inventory when receiving returns 17815: Administrative Interface: All MMBatch Lists loaded with Load Finished Handler should be using the new MMScreen_Load Finished function to avoid the handler being overridden by third party modules 18069: Template Subsystem: MMUI Buttons component is not exporting any images assigned to its buttons when a framework is saved 18125: Administrative Interface: Header scrolling is laggy in Safari 18197: Administrative Interface: Orders should have the ability to be removed from ALL batches 18201: Module: cawizard: Store Wizard Module_Content: unused lookup for Can I( 'PROD' ...) 18243: Template Import/Export: Page import should reset the Have_Fields value to 0 18247: Module: amazonpay: Amazon payments should copy the full ship to address to the bill to address field.

Businesses that utilize third-party software and services to collect, process, and store data are also responsible for their compliance to GDPR.

In other words, your business will not be compliant if the software your business uses is not compliant with the new regulations.

Few scenarios would cause me to steer a client toward another platform for a catalog or e Commerce project.

Other than the monthly hosting cost (generally around per month for MIVA), comparable platforms offer no great benefit over MIVA.

Bugs Fixed 5879: Core - Templates: Product display layout does not remove the add to cart button when a product is out of stock 6081: Administrative Interface: An item that is set to picking cannot be set to back ordered from the batch screen 6477: Core Runtime: Runtime: BASK Screen: Clicking the update button on an expired basket causes fatal error 6726: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: Dry Ice Weight field displays insignificant digits past the decimal 7090: Utility Library: Error() does not clear previous EOF errors 7239: Module: mvfedexsoap: mvfedexsoap: company name needs to be trimmed to 35 characters when performing the call.

8652: MMUI default_fw: Incorrect "Login" verbage on numerous log in screens 9164: Administrative Interface: Manage Orders: Search by exact dates fails when search date values cross particular spans 9169: Reporting Subsystem: Reports: Large differentials between start dates / end dates causes incorrect report title 9314: Module: templatebatchreports: Line 275 should encodeattribute instead of encodeentities on l.module:code 10571: Module: cmp-mv-shipestimate: Skins Component Module_Export_Item_*: attributes that are entity encoded will fail to apply when saving framework if the value has a special character that gets encoded 10845: Module: cmp-cssui-pchdft: Templates are created even when blank data is present 11020: Module: statetax: State based sales tax should validate country code.

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