GAL provides contact information for those Do D CAC users.

Users are also provided with information and access across the Do D.

Users themselves are allowed to select text they want in addition to configuring the out of office message(s) using particular start and end times. This means that the users may gain access to their email using email certification.

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The user may regain access to the account without interruption when he or she receives a CAC equipped with the same type code of persona. Deleted accounts will be in the system for a total of 120 days.

This can be reactivated when the user receives his or her CAC with the same type code of person within this given timeframe.

DEE has the capability of maintaining accounts for both personas when required.

9) Global Address List Accessibility to GAL is possible.

This is actually intended for the 1.5 million AKO accounts users.

DEE also supports the global address list (GAL) that is scaled for supporting 10 million objects including Do D common access card holders (CACs) as well as non-person entities (NPEs).

8) Dual Personas Do D users may possibly have dual personas provided that the different roles are within the Do D.

This includes the civilian (CIV) and reservist (MIL).

This allows users of composing and sending message(s) on behalf of those mailboxes that they are given delegate rights to.

The ‘Out of Office Assistant’ feature allows users of setting up automatic reply options to incoming email(s).

The delegate accessibility is provided to the users, allowing them to access other users of managing and viewing emails and calendars.