Availability check and installation When a PRO navigation device is connected to a computer with My Drive Connect installed, the support application will start automatically and inform you if a newer version of the installed map is available for download and installation.

updating map on tom tom one-64

Nothing like ripping off the customer." He added: "Won't be getting another Tom Tom sat-nav.

Will be advising all friends and family to steer clear as well." The company has published a detailed list of all the models that will soon miss out on vital software updates, which you can find here.

The page, which is titled "obsolete products", even tries to push disappointed customers onto newer models: "This may be the perfect opportunity to discover what our new range of navigation products has to offer you." Customer John Mc Gowan said: "My Tom Tom device bought in July 2016 with 'lifetime' maps is on the list of devices no longer to be supported." He went on: "And they've got the cheek to try and get me to buy a newer one. " Another user said: "Just been informed by Tom Tom that my sat-nav 'lifetime map updates' has ended, but would I like to buy a new sat-nav with 'lifetime map updates'. Tossers." The Sun understands that Tom Tom isn't ending support for "lifetime maps" devices, but may do so in the future.

According to Tom Tom, the "lifetime" guarantee doesn't actually mean that the maps will be updated forever – just until the device becomes defunct.

If you purchase a Tom Tom from the GO series, you have 30 days from the first time you use your unit to download updated maps, if available.

If you purchase a unit from Tom Tom’s PRO series, you get a little longer – 90 days from the first time you use it.

Click "Update and Install." The software will automatically download and install the updates to your Tom Tom device.

Wait for the Tom Tom HOME software to complete the installation process before proceeding. Click "Devices" in the top of the Tom Tom HOME screen and select "Disconnect Device" from the drop-down menu.

Unplug the device from its syncing cable and resume use.