Hi yes, I have only had a chance to play with my new MY350LMT today, so far all seems ok.

It easily grabbed my phonebook from my Galaxy s3 and ive been able to install a couple of xtra 'more appealing' voices.

I registered it via the Navman website but am not sure how the lifetime map update works ?

I think I got sucked in by the 'lifetime free maps' lol Cheers Shafted I got the MY300 LMT from JB for $148.80 and looking at the specs it is not much different to the MY350 LMT.

I have minor issues with the MY300 but I can live with it as other brands (depending on the model) have their own issues as well.

Anyway, I agree, for $179 (almost $100 off RRP) including the map updates I cant complain if there are a couple of issues, as long as they dont completely remove the usability of the product :) time will tell.

Ill try it out some more over the next week or two while on the road with work..

Screen sensitivity is also an issue but you get used to it after a while – smart phones screens respond better.

Overall, with 2 years warranty, approx 4 years of map and the price I paid, I think it's not too bad considering it was hovering at 9 less than 3 months ago.

I live in Sydney and i use the device every day and maybe once in a week it will start reporting traffic, every other time it just tells me no traffic available in my area.

Navman Support is there something i can do to get the device to have traffic working, i have tried everything.

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