The Parliamentary Zone Precinct is the physical manifestation of Australian democratic government and the home of the nation’s most importance cultural and judicial institutions and symbols.The Parliamentary Zone is the symbolic heart of the National Capital and is at the geometric centre of the Griffins’ plans for Canberra.Solicitors and qualified financial advisers can offer similar services and also more technical help and advice around inheritance tax planning, setting up trusts and powers of attorney.

Each building in the campus, existing and new, should have a pedestrian entry fronting the court, and the courts themselves should be developed so that they encourage people to use them for informal lunch time sports, or for celebrations or perhaps protests.

The existing buildings will also influence the architectural and landscape character for each of the campuses.

The Parliamentary Zone is the area of land bounded by a line commencing at a point where the eastern boundary of Commonwealth Avenue intersects the inner boundary of State Circle and proceeding thence in a northerly direction along the eastern boundary of Commonwealth Avenue until it intersections the southern shore of the Lake, thence in a generally easterly direction along that shore until it intersects the western boundary of Kings Avenue, thence in a south westerly direction along that boundary until it intersects the inner boundary of State Circle, and thence clockwise around that inner boundary to the point of commencement.

Capital Hill includes the land enclosed by State Circle, and that part of the road reserve of State Circle immediately adjacent to Capital Hill.

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To ensure that people can move easily between the campuses, the campuses will be connected by paths and vistas created from one central court to the other.

To ensure that people can orientate themselves in the Zone, view corridors from the courts to the Lake or Parliament House will also be established.

Essentially, the policy is to use the existing buildings as 'anchors' for new development that has a compatible function.

For example, a new government agency could be sited adjacent to either the John Gorton or Treasury buildings, while a new visual arts building could be located near the National Gallery of Australia.

Five campuses are to be formed in the Zone, with Parliament House as a sixth, as follows: For the place of the people to remain relevant, a balance should be maintained between the working political functions of the seat of Government and the national cultural institutions.