I have found the next version to update to, but now I am kinda stuck since none of the methods I have found to do the Bios flash seem to be working.Gigabytes own [email protected] tool doesn't acknowledge my card since my MOBO is not a Gigabyte. Nvflash and some other tools have also been on my radar, but they either dont work, or I dont feel comfortable trying them for different reasons.

There haven't been a lot of updates on this website recently, and in a way, that's a good thing.

Zhong Jin hasn't produced any fake G1 toys in a long time.

There's also a section of the car mode in the reflection that is unclear unlike the original.

The original you can clearly see the reflection of the car mode -------------------------------------- Additionally, look at the positioning of the word "MASTERPIECE" under the TF logo.

Real time updating usage is also displayed, while export options provide some degree of flexibility and even greater level of detail.

If you want to know your computer a little better, this tool can help you out.This guide should help with id-ing all of them once you get the toy out of the box.Cax6ton put together an ID guide for Masterpiece Ratbat counterfeits. (Scroll up for a few additional comparison pictures as well.) Thanks to Robotic Planet for pointing this gem out. My rig is not the newest but it still performs very well, and I will not make any big changes in the near future.But I have been thinking about updating my GPU Bios after having read there would be some upsides. As far as I understand this requires a Bios update, since my version is F2 - and there are like up to F50 I will have to make several updates in a specific order.Additionally, you can save all gathered data to a TXT or HTML file, which is pretty rich in content, providing a lot more insight that what is shown in the dashboard.