Also examine the field’s code and make sure that the switch is not present.

updating fields word mac-82

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where the fields are actually located in a document, especially when some of the fields do not contain visible content, such as a bookmark or index marker. One way is to select the entire document and toggle the field codes (Shift F9).

This method doesn’t take you to the codes, but it makes them easy to see.

Then select it (or select multiple fields to operate on at once) and press Ctrl Shift F9.

You can reverse an unlink with an Undo operation, but otherwise it’s a one-way route.

Another way, which you can actually combine with the preceding one, is to go to the next field code by pressing F11 or to the previous one by pressing Shift F11.

Word jumps to the beginning of the next or previous field.

Marking this check box adds a switch in the code string for that field.

You can type the switch into the code string manually if you find that easier than going back to the Field dialog box.

You might not see anything there (if the field is hidden), but after jumping to that spot, right-click the spot and choose Toggle Field Codes or press Shift F9, and the field appears.