I’ll throw in hopes for the Surface Pro 4, as well as the 3.Nevertheless, it’s such a welcome relief for me to return to Linux world after several years away (not exactly, though, have been a Unix IT Dir using OSX all that time), but I had to bail from buggy Win10 and go dual-boot on the SP4 w/ Ubuntu/Win10.

updating fedora core 3-1updating fedora core 3-28

It gave full functionality to the Type Cover keyboard and trackpad on my Surface Pro 4 running Ubuntu 16.04. Yes, Tigerite’s patched kernels are cool, but hopefully there is no need for it in the future and stuff goes upstream to Linux kernel ASAP.

Now, what about getting that touchscreen to work on the SP4…?? I was actually disappointed that the 16.04 did not support Surface Pro 3 out of the box, as it looked very promising in the fall of 2015.

most stuff is working, I guess that’s a good start Has anyone tested the Ubuntu 16.10 daily builds on SP3?

At least some of the patches in the custom kernel(s) should go upstream to Linux kernel development, so once again I am hoping for a 100% SP3 support for the Ubuntu 16.10.

I guess it demonstrates that Microsoft has done very well with the hardware.

The Reddit group Surface Linux is the best online resource for anyone interested in this.

I was about to check the current status with a Ubuntu Gnome 16.10 daily build, but unfortunately it fails to boot from USB.

The boot sequence does initiate, but halts rather soon and I got nothing but a black screen. It would be very beneficial to give it a good spin and report all remaining open issues. sorry if this is jacking your post or anything but you seem to know the answers to my questions…

Not sure if I understood your question correctly, as Ubuntu 16.04 is briefly covered in post number two. Unity desktop is not really designed for touch, so you may want to go with Ubuntu Gnome, or install the Gnome desktop on top of Ubuntu 16.04.