Alternatively, you may update a Fedora Install to latest version quickly, if you have the ISO of latest release of Fedora 22.

[Follow these instructions only if you’re planning to upgrade Fedora using DVD ISO image or skip to step #6 directly…] Before you continue to use Fedora 22 ISO to update your Fedora Install, check Hash of Fedora 22 with the one provided by Fedora Project on official page, as wrong/corrupted ISO may break your System.

I have been searching the forums and google for a solution as to why preupgrade-cli keeps having the following error: Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: preupgrade-install-images. In my searching, I have tried various suggestions such as: 1. changing the baseurl to ones listed in the fedora mirror manager page for active mirrors I did preform a yum update prior to installing preupgrade.

uncommenting the baseurl lines in those two files 4.

I followed Carson Mc Donald's knowledgeable lead and updated my fedora 7 install to Fedora 8 with yum.

Others have reported problems doing this, but it worked perfectly for me, albeit taking a bit of time.

We’ve practically upgraded our Fedora 21 to Fedora 22 in our testing lab without any glitches.

Warning: Please backup, if any important data to external hard drive or usb device before proceeding for upgradation. It may take some time, depending upon your memory and Internet speed.

Updating was right for me I think as I had previously installed F7 from scratch and had later installed many packages from the livna and fedora repositories.

So it was handy to be able to update everything in one operation.

Fed Up is capable of managing Fedora upgrades via a network repository or a DVD image as the upgrade package source.