The most common response to this suggestion is a form of "Duh!"Several people recommend changing the attributes of the folder the update is being saved to so that "everyone" has access to the folder.That's why we're encouraged to keep our software up-to-date.

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Two other Microsoft error numbers that involve insufficient privileges are 13.

Rex Zhang, a moderator on the Microsoft Tech Net Office Forum, suggests that if Error 1303 occurs when installing Office Professional Plus 2010, ensure the SYSTEM group and the Everyone group of the destination folder have Full Control privileges. Das, who moderates Microsoft's Office 2010 Forum, replied to a person who encountered an Error 1321 when attempting to install Office 2010 by recommending they change the permissions of a specific file in the installer's destination folder.

It hasn't happened recently, but if the problem recurs I'll go to the Mozilla Support page that explains how to fix the Update Failed error message when updating Firefox.

Should you encounter difficulties when attempting to update the Thunderbird e-mail program, visit the Mozilla Thunderbird Support page that describes five different potential solutions.

Of course, I was logged on as an administrator, and like most Windows users, I have no system administrator to contact.

Fortunately, the solution to this update glitch was relatively easy to find: I repaired the Apple Software Update program in Win7's Programs and Features app, restarted my PC, and tried the update again, this time successfully.

The site also explains how Thunderbird's automatic updates work and how to manually update the program.

When a Mac OS X software update fails, check the X Lab's Installing Software Updates FAQ for a possible remedy.

The Google Chrome support site provides advice for people unable to update the Chrome browser on a Mac.

The solution to my system's inability to install the new version of i Tunes may not cure your i Tunes-update hiccup.

Updating the software on your device leaves your apps, data and settings intact.