While you can update over the air if you're already on i OS 5, you can also update via i Tunes.So if the update isn't showing up for you directly on your device and you just can't wait any longer to update, follow along to update the old fashioned way using i Tunes.As a recovery method, that requires you to connect your device with i Tunes open, turn it off, and then hold down the power button and the home button together until you see a screen displaying a USB cable and the i Tunes icon. Finally, I received a message telling me that i Tunes detected my device and that I had to restore it before it could be used.

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What steps should you take if this happens and how do you protect yourself before you update your i OS device?

The upgrade to i OS 5 started smoothly enough on my end as i Tunes seemed to be chugging along updating my device.

I am going to update my i Pod to the newest software and was wondering if this will delete the files?

Most of my songs are from my old computer which I now longer have, so I no longer have the songs in i Tunes.

If you are on i OS 5 or later, then you will be able to download and install i OS software update wirelessly.

An attempted upgrade to i OS 5 bricked my i Pod Touch, forcing me to spend hours restoring the device.

You can change the settings for each podcast separately by choosing the podcast in the Settings For pop-up menu.

The settings are as follows: If you sync podcasts automatically to your i Pod, don’t set the Episodes to Keep pop-up to All Unplayed Episodes — use All Episodes instead.

After plugging and unplugging my Touch and rebooting my PC, i Tunes still wouldn't see the device.