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Can you post the SQL of the query you are using as a source?

There are two ways that you can refresh the subform whenever the record in the main form changes: When you're using forms and subforms in Access, generally you link your form to your subform with one or more fields. In our example, we have a form called Orders that has a subform called "Order Details".

Then you use a MUCH simpler query as the forms recordsource, just the temp table joined to the original table via the ID.

This should work, but you now also have some other tasks like emptying the temp table each time before/after you use it and it is not really multi-user friendly.

If you need multiple users using it you need to add some sort of USERID to the table too. An alternative would be to use the table as your source and then set the filter value to make it the subset you are seeking.

As @Saulysw mentioned, the select query should allow you to update.

The underlying field's value might not be updated before the 'update' event is fired.

And, of course, if the control you are dealing with is unbound, there cannot be any field update ...

further is unregistered software did such problems so that they behave different at different times.

When you change a value of a textbox/combo box/etc on a form the record in the table is not immediately updated.

Then click on the button with the three dots to the right of this property.