Two, Weinstein reminded us, especially in his eleventh-hour medieval appeals for clemency by way of PC attacks on the NRA and Donald Trump, that mixing politics with art was, as our betters warned, always a self-destructive idea.

Hollywood ran out of original thought about three decades ago, and the people noticed and so keep avoiding the theaters.

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So we have to be careful in calibrating generations, especially when our own has reached a level of technology and science never before dreamed of (and it is not a given that material or ethical progress is always linear).

Nonetheless, the so-called Baby Boomers have a lot to account for — given the sorry state of entertainment, sports, the media, and universities.

Twenty-somethings brag about tearing down the statue of Robert E. Disrupting a conservative lecturer on campus is the current generation’s version of cramming phone booths and swallowing goldfish.

Orwellian administrative language, sanctioned from those who should have known better, masks an anti-democratic reality of which even its adherents are ashamed. “Affirmative action” is synonymous with implicit racial quotas.

The problem with a dying media is not just new social media, the Internet, or 24-hour cable news. The culprit is mostly politically driven ignorance.

Today’s journalists graduate with majors that confer thinly disguised degrees in different sorts of activism.

They wanted some bruised ex-gladiators who knew the blood and smell of the arena to give them some firsthand insight into sports heroics.

Instead, our generation of ESPN executives gave the worst of both worlds: nerds and failed pundits masquerading as Socratic sportscasters expounding cosmic theories about social justice, side by side with ex-jocks poorly mimicking them. Entertainment can be many things — if it is not grating.

But -isms and -ologies come at a cost of shorting literature, history, or fact-based knowledge of any sort, so today’s journalistic doyens have few referents either of the past or in the abstract in general.

The result is that every passing psychodrama becomes the most important in history.

ince the Trojan War, generations have always trashed their own age in comparison to ages past.