It is difficult to see how any individual will cope or settle down in a particular home. They may look very similar but seeing what's on the surface is not enough.

The KC sets a breed standard for all breeds - if they choose to recognise a breed.

As far as the KC is concerned, only Border Collies from bloodlines registered with the KC have the right to be described as Border Collies - the rest they call 'working sheepdogs' and can be registered for competition but not for showing. Registering for competition means that a dog with no KC Pedigree can be entered into KC regulated events run under KC rules and participate alongside dogs with KC registered Pedigrees - but this does not extend to the Show ring where only KC Pedigree dogs are allowed to enter. Best of Breed winners of each breed in the group compete to become Best in Group. At each level achieved the value of stud services or pups from the winner of that level increases.

The first part of this page looks at how we got to this point and the following three sections cover the three distinct classifications.

The Kennel Club registered Border Collie, The International Sheep Dog Society registered Border Collie. Following this is the Breed Profile which is divided into 9 sections, each one of which looks at a different aspect of the breed.

Dual registration or KC registration is also allowed for pups with both ISDS registered parents or an ISDS registered Dam with a KC sire.

It 's confusing but it is a matter of convenience for KC breeders. ISDS registered dogs are involved in stock working around the world.It may help to understand the structure of completion at the top level of exemption shows in the UK. At Crufts each breed is judged in its own class against others of the same breed. Each Best in Group winner then competes against the others for the ultimate title, Best in Show. As well as exemption shows, the KC runs competitive events in various interactive disciplines like Agility, Flyball, etc.There will be a male and female winner in the class that then compete against each other to be crowned Best of Breed. You may ask what the point is and why people put their dogs through it all. These events are run all over the country at various levels with competitors vying for a place to compete at the main event - Crufts.There is great diversity in the appearance of such Border Collies because many generations back when the breed became established as an exceptional working dog farmers and shepherds bought pups and took them home and bred them into their native working dog lines in order to add the skills of the Border Collie into their own bloodline.The variations in size, coat type and appearance evolved naturally over time. Is it right to class these unregistered dogs as Border Collies?Brains before beauty is a catchphrase associated with the ISDS. If they are registered on the ISDS studbook they can also be registered with the Kennel Club.