Don't even risk kissing in the back of a taxi - there have been several cases of foreigners being arrested and imprisoned for nothing more than kissing in public.Emirati women are perfect examples of the natural beauty which seems effortless for so many Arab women.Remember that sex outside marriage, and living together, are both illegal in the UAE, as is getting pregnant outside marriage.

There are plenty of ATMs in every city of the Emirates, and they do accept most major credit cards.

Debit cards can be problematic anywhere except in major stores, but try to avoid using a debit card if possible.

They are some of the most liberal women in the Muslim world, and they enjoy dating foreign men, but there are still basic rules you both need to follow.

There's also the serious risk that you might mistake a prostitute for a casually dressed Emirate woman.

If that happens, apologize and be somewhere else as quickly as you can.

The Emirates are unique in all the countries in the Middle East because there's more non-nationals living here than Emirati.

In case you were wondering the "United" in United Arab Emirates is because the country is actually made up of several sheikdoms (or emirates), each of which has its own king.

The capital is Abu Dhabi, and you'll be familiar with the UAE without realizing it because it's home to the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arabe - the tallest buildings on the planet.

Arabic is the official language of the UAE, but English is still the international language of commerce.