The store also has an excellent, Gay DVD section with over 300 titles.The DVDs are very competitively priced and Pulse & Cocktails offers an excellent exchange system on all films.

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The Sandy shop is also is the warehouse for J&G Trading, UK's Adult Magazine Distributor.

It distributes over 20 Imported magazine lines every month.

It's just after the Bedford turn off on the Northbound A1, called the Tempsford road, and is situated behind a 'Shell' garage. It is really roomy, well laid out, and has a large selection of fetish clothing, a large magazine rack, half a dozen 'island' stands with DVD's, a reasonable space for gay porn, and the walls are covered in sex toys.

It does seem very women friendly, and when I was there, the shop was being run by a (very attractive) woman, who was very helpful when I asked a few questions about some of the items on sale.

The licence was approved with the condition that shops makes a litter patrol once a day.

I have just been and made a few purchases at the new Sawtry branch of Pulse & Cocktails.

Good for parking, part of a row of shops north of Church Square, close to the market.

The front has the lingerie and fetishware, from almost respectable to outright kinky., and you zig-zag through to the back area for the hardcore: videos, magazines, a bewildering array of sex toys. When I was there, both female and fairly ordinary in looks.

I was impressed with their range of stock, and as with previous P&C establishments, they have everything there that you could think off and in good quantities.