Both the Oakland police and Mayor Dellums have called for public assistance in identifying the suspects. PAUL—Alaska Governor and current Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is five months pregnant, but the family says she will bear the child and marry the father.

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Also appearing at Wednesday’s press conference was Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, who said he was “asking the residents of Oakland to continue to go about their lives normally and not let fear overtake us.

We want to reassure residents that we will continue to make significant efforts until all of the culprits [in the takeover robberies] are brought to justice.” The East Bay has been plagued by takeover-style restaurant robberies this summer, with 11 robberies in Oakland, one in El Cerrito, one in Hayward, one in unincorporated Castro Valley, and two in Vallejo.

The suspects robbed two patrons, the employees and the cash register before fleeing.

Mike Regan with the El Cerrito police reported that in working with other jurisdictions, they have determined that this robbery is “related to a couple of others,” but certainly not all of the other takeovers.

At this point, police told the public that they were investigating all the robberies as a related series.

Two weeks passed with no additional reported takeover-style robberies. But with these later robberies, the pattern shifted, and while some of the crimes seem to fit the earlier model, witness reports show some discrepancies from the original description of the robberies.

24 robbery of Full Moon Seafood House at 20th Avenue and Mac Arthur.

In addition, police say that at least one of the three arrestees was an “associate” of the two suspects earlier arrested in the July 16 Lamyx Tea Bar robbery (Lakeshore Avenue) and the July 18 El Torero Taqueria robbery (58th and International).

Officials said that this led to the subsequent arrests of Lester, Lamonthe, and Bostic at another location.