We recommend that students take a look at the Further Mathematics Support Programme website which provides resources for students who are studying Further Mathematics, MAT or STEP.

You should ask your teacher to indicate that you have been self-studying in your application.

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We are able to make special cases for students who are from schools that do not offer Further Mathematics A level, and encourage applications from them.

We are often guided by performance in MAT when making these special cases.

This means that we cannot prescribe a particular mark that is required, and we use the MAT marks to compare between students in each application round.

It is also the case that we look at individual marks in parts of questions to get an impression of students' particular weaknesses and strengths, so the offer decision is not made purely on the total mark.

G104) have a common point of entry, with the same curriculum in the first two years.

It is easy for students to transfer between any of these programmes during that time.

Spring term starts after a three-week Christmas break and also lasts eleven weeks.

Summer term lasts for nine weeks and follows a four-week (sometimes five-week) Easter break.

Second year students work on projects in groups, which are assessed by group presentation.

There is an optional individual research project module in the third year, which can be taken instead of one of the lecture courses.

In addition, we only accept applications to transfer from universities with a similar minimum admissions requirement to our own, and where the applicant has met our minimum admissions requirement.