On Day 2 they continued that slow build until playing a lights out game in their prequarters game with Tufts.Now they’re the highest remaining seed in their half of the bracket, and if you can still find any Fugue stock, I’d snap it up without any hesitation. Much has been made of Brown’s household names–thrower Mac Hecht and FOTY favorite John Randolph. They’ve dominated the stat sheet thus far in Milwaukee. One player that may not have the same numerical impact as his more heralded teammates is Ned Dick.Through five games, Dick has only been charged with only two turnovers…

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Courtney Testa from FUEL is the mother-living truth.

When I helped cover Pool C, I watched her casually rip hucks all throughout their game against Whitman, get blocks, and keep on playing.

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Dick might not have the flash of some of his teammates but he’s been one of the stars on this quarterfinals team.

For me, Hannah Crowley of Tufts has asserted herself into consideration for the All-American teams.

They took half 8-7, with big contributions from Ndovu in the zone.

He succeeded where most can’t, covering Henry Fisher deep.

To riff on Katie’s answer: Stanford Superfly has two interesting items.