because while Garland and O'Day have a lot of similar musical history to share, they don't really seem like they're focusing on marriage just yet.

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So who is Travis Garland, one of the new stars of Marriage Boot Camp ?

Like his girlfriend, Aubrey O'Day of Making the Band , Garland has been on reality TV before (American Idol), so this may not be the first time he's introduced to those of us who love watching vaguely famous people yell at their significant others and hopefully, ultimately work through their problems (Marriage Boot Camp does kinda work, if you look at how many couples are still together after appearing on it).

Oh, and NLT's songs are still online as well, if you want to really cringe about the music that was only vaguely embarrassing in 2009.

Garland's big break came on reality TV, post NLT, with, as EW says, "the support of the world's biggest gossip blogger turned music mogul, Perez Hilton, who brought Garland to the attention of Idol producer Simon Fuller." That gave him the boost he needed back in 2010.

Oh yes, he loves these, and whether they're about creative collaborations or his relationship with Aubrey, I bet every time one is posted he gets a flood of texts saying "u ok???

" Maybe that type of passive-aggressive behavior will come up while Travis and Aubrey are in Marriage Boot Camp...

Each couple will get to ask their partner "one burning question" before they make their final decision to stay together during the finale -- and it looks like Travis isn't thrilled about the answer her got.

We're told he asks if the former Danity Kane singer cheated on him.

And as you can probably guess, it is not always sunshine and roses.

One month ago, O'Day made a pretty straightforward singlehood announcement in the form of a revealing bathing suit selfie with the caption: "single now.

Similarly, Garland is also in the music business, as a singer and former member of a group — just like Aubrey.