Chasity didn't actually remember he guy's name - that was a problem. When the guy said he had a nipple piercing, Michelle had to ask to see it.

Then, she asked her date if he'd ever get a Prince Albert. George presented her with jewelry, and Leilani noted a guy hadn't given her a gift in quite some time.

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Her date said that Avonte was hot, friendly and open. Avonte said that this guy was someone that she would normally overlook, and she thanked Steve for the enjoyable opportunity.

Christine was next, and Steve said he thinks Christine still doesn't trust him.

The next day, the girls had dates, and their goal was to show their guys that they know how to flirt.

During this, each girl would have earpieces with Steve speaking into them.

He whips clueless women into shape on VH1's "Tough Love," now Steve Ward wants to help you.

Ward says women needs to start taking chances and stating their expectations. Brigette said her date made her nervous by asking her ring size.Steve said Brigette shouldn't be surprised because she wraps guys around her finger.He said he didn't sense chemistry and would not go on a second date.Christine was upset because she did like the guy but didn't properly show it by going into pageant mode.Let's just say that some of the questions were a bit embarrassing.