It provides cryptographically secure text messaging and file transfers for business dealings, and confidential communication between two people.

The best news, is that you can use Tor Chat on your Windows, Linux and your smart phones.

In Tor Chat, every user has a unique alphanumeric ID consisting of 16 characters.

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It also seems to be a very basic protocol that looks like netcat over Tor. It automatically starts the transfer, writing the file to /tmp which is a RAM-mounted tmpfs on Linux. Theoretically an attacker could transfer /dev/urandom while you are away from your computer until it fills up your RAM and crashes your computer.

This would be great for inducing intersection attacks. If the kernel is managing the system correctly, it may just stop the transfer when you run out of RAM.

Tor Chat clients communicate with each other by using Tor to contact the other's hidden service (derived from his ID) and exchanging status information, chat messages and other data over this connection.

Since Tor hidden services can receive incoming connections even if they are behind a router doing network address translation (NAT), Tor Chat does not need any port forwarding to work.

You can add contains by right clicking and choosing Add Contact and just enter their Tor Chat ID.

At this time there is some people debate as to whether or not Tor Chat is completely safe, and I would say that Tor Chat is about as safe as Tor is, just make sure you practice the same good practices you are used to.But some of us want to be able to instant message somebody else.The good news is, you can do this with something called Tor Chat.A French developer released a version for MAC users, but it still in beta and should be used at your own risk.You can get Tor Chat for the i Phone in the Apple store, you can get Tor Chat in the Android Market as well, so you can even use it as a means of text messaging somebody else who also has Tor Chat.But you should always treat everything as if those who are monitoring it can read the content of the email as well.