This is impossible, of course, because he’s not fit for it, and eventually he ends up – after bouts of drinking and falling ill – being taken in by the monks and given a pity job as a kind of under-porter, halfway between being a lay man and being a religious, and (through the character of Sebastian’s youngest sister, Cordelia, telling Sebastian’s uncomprehending friend Charles about where he ended up and in what state), Waugh forecasts his life: unexceptional save for his periodic falls off the wagon and shame-faced return to the monastery, years going by like this, getting older, becoming something of a joke to the novices and tolerated affectionately by the older monks, “a familiar figure pottering round with his broom and his bunch of keys” and “He’ll develop little eccentricities of devotion, intense personal cults of his own; he’ll be found in the chapel at odd times and missed when he’s expected” until his eventual death which will be no more edifying nor uplifting than his life and the best his sister can anticipate for him is that “Then one morning, after one of his drinking bouts, he’ll be picked up at the gate dying, and show by a mere flicker of the eyelid that he is conscious when they give him the last sacraments.

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Damien of Molokai, only without the leprosy, because leprosy isn’t glamorous when you’re the one suffering from it).

Either way, he’d have a glittering, fulfilling career and a visible and measurable by the standards of the world record of achievement, whether in the service of God or Mammon. He succumbs to his alcoholism, goes abroad to lead a dissolute life with pathetic little attempts to make some kind of a go of things and finally ends up in Morocco trying to join a monastery because he wants to be a missionary to lepers or cannibals or savages of some description.

The Protestant Work Ethic versus the Catholic Idea of Success Or, why the Anglo-Saxon race ruled the world (British Empire version or American Pioneer Spirit version) and why all Papist nations are socially backwards, cannot innovate in technology or science and are mired in poverty, superstition, and misery.

The Church indoctrinates us to expect pie in the sky when we die, and spends a massive amount of time and effort fixing our eyes on the world to come instead of inculcating the virtues of thrift, sobriety, hard work and manifesting the will of God through our lives in this life.

) Romanist, I have to ask: Why do you say that like it’s a bad thing?

Speaking as a rum-sozzled (and you’ll see the application of that later on as you read down, since this was conceived and partly written whilst partaking of Captain Morgan’s and Coke), rebellious (remember: when in doubt, blame the Brits!Don’t worry about political correctness or holding it all in or even common courtesy (to an extent – nothing too vicious that will cause the moderators to ban your backside until the Second Coming, please! I won’t be offended by anything up to and including “Your cult is not a Christian church, you’re all pagan goddess-worshipping idolaters and you’re going to burn in Hell along with your father the Devil and his servant the Anti-Christ, or as you call him, the Pope”. Pius X for being too liberal) or the Giant Papier-mâché Puppets of Doom wing of Holy Mother Church, this is an opportunity for you too to get stuck in to your co-religionists.This is also equal-opportunity bashing; don’t feel obligated just because you had the water poured over you at Our Lady of the Perpetual Bingo Nights to keep things under your hat out of some sense not washing dirty linen in public or not fighting in front of the neighbours (family rows are the best free entertainment! I’m not going to reply to any comments (I may make further comments of my own, because when did you ever know me to be able to keep my beak shut?Everything about Bold360 is engineered to help you stop experimenting and start delivering results. I., knowledge management, and intuitive platform help drive you to insights that matter, faster.Capture data from every customer interaction to get a 360° view of every engagement.Escalations are automatic and help your agents provide the most personalized customer experience possible. is different However your customers reach out — live chat, email, or messaging — Bold360 helps your agents work smarter, with the insights and tools they need to maximize every conversation.