In other cases, there are marriages which are defined as ‘open’, leaving the partners to explore outside the marriage.

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Try to become her support and stand by her side when she wants you. If you truly care about her, she needs feel comfortable in your company.

Keep criticism, arguments, judgments and any other negative talk to yourself.

Don’t force humor; wait until a natural moment to spontaneously show your funny side. Phones are only tools to create a time and place to spend more time together.

A married woman generally gets into an extra-marital affair when she is not happy with her life in some unconscious way.

He also retweeted a fan's tweet which read, "this is what the #TRUTH feels like!!!

Rumors have long swirled that Lambert was not faithful to Shelton during their four-year marriage, which ended in 2015.And always, keep flirting with her; this is the feel-good zone.Many women are not ready to throw in the white towel for their marriage.Know that a married woman is dating you to fulfill her own expectations and needs which are not being met by her husband.Make it a mission to get to know who she is and what she is looking for. Maybe she doesn’t even know what she is looking for, and you are there to show her a new world, or a new way of being.Nothing is worse to a man’s ego than his wife sleeping with someone else.