They still have relevant human rights, so take expert advice., but if there is no sex worker suitable near you (remember most of them will travel), try Adult Work or, for gay sex workers, Using a ‘reverse booking’ on Adult Work allows you to state what you are looking for.

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Care Professionals -he mental capacity required for consent to sex is not at a high level, and it should not be assumed that any person lacks it.

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Plus, it provides other important useful advice to you, as well as for your care professionals, friends and parents.We’ve included contact information for both the site and shop when available.We were unable to find any TLC customer service phone numbers, but there are numbers for various management offices at Discovery Channel corporate.Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience.In addition to the main site information about the TLC network there is also a TLC shop.Discovery Communications Attn: TLC Customer Service1 Discovery Place Silver Spring, MD 20910 You can find details about all the latest shows on TLC on the official website at