There is a point you need to accept that you can't climb the wall for her every time while making sure she's as comfortable as you can make her to climb the wall herself. I don't think she understands how much I want to make her happy.

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Because of this, it’s easy for us to make our partner feel loved in the ways that mean the most to them.

We tend to stay away from shallow small talk and impersonal banter about the weather.

Instead, many introverts enjoy discussing more meaningful topics such as what gets us out of bed in the morning, our thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones episode, or whether Team Iron Man or Team Captain America should have won.

We share our hopes and dreams, and we’re good at getting our significant other to do the same.

What's better to do is to make sure her she can express what she wants while being more passive and being okay with moving on onto another subject.

I will say I had one girlfriend who was like this, cripplingly shy to the point of not being able to verbally respond to questions.

Even though he’s gone out with more women than me, ultimately, my relationships last longer.

Our powerful ability to listen helps our significant other feel heard.

We’re naturally good at making the conversation more personal and creating emotional intimacy.

Introverts generally know how to keep their cool, which can be an incredible gift in the midst of conflict.

Here are six reasons it can be better to date an introvert.