His family can trace their routes back to John Jay, author of the Federalist Papers.

Mortimer moved down to Palm Beach soon after she and her ex finalized their divorce, and has dated former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis and Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who was on the ninth season of The Bachelor.

We had a nanny, two gardeners and a butler,' George Mortimer said of his daughter's upbringing.

Topper meanwhile is heir to the Standard Oil fortuner thanks to his grandfather Henry Morgan Tilford, who was a president at the company.

But then Tinsley and her high-school sweetheart, Topper Mortimer, split, and she migrated down to Palm Beach to start over.

Pictures of "Tinz" no longer popped up everywhere—until they did.

She later appeared in a cameo role on the show's second-season premiere.

The two eloped when they were just 18, but Mortimer's parents - real estate investor George and interior designer Dale - forced her to annul the marriage."She was funny, she was frisky, she was like a little pedigreed filly, and she was a Mortimer, so she had a real strong connection to, kind of, old New York."Hay says Mortimer, like many of her peers, idolized both Cornelia Guest and Tory Burch."Everybody wanted to be Tory because Tory Burch had parlayed being attractive and going to parties and being on the committees and being in the right dress at the right time, in the right place with the right people, into what became a billion-dollar empire.They married again in Richmond in 2002, this time with a proper New York is full of well-connected young women with good educations.Mortimer wanted more, and she got it with some help from R. Hay recalls an evening about 15 years ago when Mortimer approached him at a party at the Guggenheim Museum."I felt that we couldn't turn her into a little socialite that would be put on a pedestal by New York society, and the gossip columnists, and the glossy magazine press, as long as she had a job as a publicist.