Holler and Dear Santa It peaked at number 2 on Gaon Digital Chart and was chosen by Billboard as the seventh best K-pop song of the year.I'm very sorry that I caused pain to fans who have always been precious to me.

tiffany and taeyeon dating-51

"No, we aren't dating"-Tiffany said normally and Taeyeon seems to hurt very much because Tiffany denied their relationship. "Tiffany sit down for a minute, you're so wet. "-Jessica yelled because Tiffany didn't listen even though she nearly collapse. I'm practicing"-Tiffany said "No, unless you talk to us."- Jessica said and grabbed her wrist but Tiffany pat jessica's hand away. What do you want"-Tiffany said irritated and they all feel strange at her even the boys at the back.

"If that the case, why are you with Taeyeon last night? " "My group members and BG' S are friends since their training days and I got to be close to them also. Taeyeon and I is just a friend."-Tiffany said and seems that her co-members and BG' S where surprise for what she said. Look at your shirt, it can squeeze anytime."-sunny said but Tiffany didn't listen and still dancing, even though she felt weak and anytime can collapse. "What happened before."-Jessica said and Tiffany went to change the music to dance again another song but Jessica stopped her. "What happened earlier"-Jessica said and Tiffany was going to leave when Taeyeon grabbed her hand.

The don't expect that Tiffany will deny Taeyeon. "Unnie,just rest for a minute"-seohyum said but got no response.

Let's break-up."-Taeyeon said while forcing his self not to cry in front of her.

Each and every one of you are crucial to me and solutions me income.

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