Four LN-cooled high-resolution Ge-gamma ray spectrometers Six alpha-counters for thick-source alpha counting In addition, we routinely use external providers for ICPMS/OES, XRF (K), and neutron activation and delayed neutron activation.Well-equipped sample preparation darkrooms include separate areas for field kit, a "saw room" with masonry saw, Buehler diamond wafering slow-saw and water-cooled coring drill, and a preparation lab dedicated to the extraction of mineral grains; apparatus includes 38 mm and 100 mm micromesh sieve stacks, a facility for batch density separation using lithium heteropolytungstate, Franz magnetic separator, centrifuge, ultrasonic baths, hotplates, precision electronic balances, drying ovens, a tube oven and wide range of laboratory glassware.

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By other translations it simply means “Land of the Thais.” The Thais call their country “Muang Thai,” which also means “Land of the Free.” They call themselves the “Khon Tha,” which means “free people.” “Siam” and “Siamese” are terms mainly used by foreigners.

From 1855 to 1939 and from 1946 to 1949 Thailand was known as Siam—Prathet Sayam, a historical name referring to people in the Chao Phraya Valley—the name used by Europeans since 1592).

Yinglak's leadership was almost immediately challenged by historic flooding in late 2011 that had large swathes of the country underwater and threatened to inundate Bangkok itself.

Throughout 2012 the Puea Thai-led government struggled with the opposition Democrat Party to fulfill some its main election promises, including constitutional reform and political reconciliation.

This is because the Thai language has its own script that is quite different from western Roman writing and the way Thai sounds are interpreted can be a judgment call or a matter of opinion.

Thailand lies at the converging point of the empires of China, India, Burma, the Khmers and Vietnam.

The Prescott Environmental Luminescence Laboratory is an interdisciplinary research facility that brings together research expertise from the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing and Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources.

The Prescott Environmental Luminescence Laboratory provides expertise in the real-time monitoring of radiation fields using radiation-sensitive optical fibres as distributed sensors, and investigations into the detection of prior exposure to radiation, measurements of environmental radiation dose-rates and radioisotope concentrations, and luminescence dosimetry.

The Laboratory space exceeds 200 m2, with individual booths and rooms for separate apparatus within a common darkroom, and services including adjustable intensity safe-light options (red and orange), reticulated vacuum, ultra-high purity nitrogen, cooling water and deionised water.

) and this is an apt name for this country where anything goes.

Presently, the Mon are settled in Myanmar and the Khmer in Cambodia, while the Tai set up their Thai city states, starting in northern Thailand, with three main cities: Lanna, Sukhothai, and Phayao.