This is what "Hollywood Potato Chip" boils down to.

Songs like "Dig a Hole" and "How They Getcha" are up there with the better Vandals songs.

The album opens very strongly with "How They Getcha", a song that harks back to the days of "Live Fast, Diarrhea," fast paced, crazy guitar solos on Warren's part, some wild drumming on Josh's part, and random screaming on Dave's part.

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Others don't seem to rise above the generic dribble that the band seems to have enjoyed putting out lately.

Once again, like "Internet Dating Superstuds" they open strong but eventually turn boring.

The Vandals are a very talented bunch of guys who can throw an amazing live show, but it seems that they are losing their insanity touch finally.

Because right after this song, "Manimal" is thrown in.

The Vandals senseless charm and robust energy had been lost in a bunch of pop-punk gibberish.

"Internet Dating Superstuds" tried to take them in the right direction but only did so much.

"Be a Good Robot" does a nice job of showcasing Josh's drumming through the pure speed.

Warren throws in a very metal influenced solo and even Joe's bass skills can be heard throughout the song.

So for a band that I had once liked so much, I was truly surprised when I saw their new album "Hollywood Potato Chip." Normally I stay up on top of new releases, but this one had slipped by my radar.