Whether you are a complete novice or internet dating veteran, The Art of Internet Dating can help you.

Join the millions of people around the worlds who have already discovered how the Internet provides a powerful and refreshing alternative for meeting and attracting people in todays modern society.

It is a free resource that teaches you everything you need to know to massively improve your success with women.

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This book is a far inferior e Book and is no way way endored by nor affiliated with me or the orignal Art of Internet Dating first published in 2001. , two emails on a dating site like RSVP that the recipients will most likely just delete anyway?

Although the printed version of the book is out of publication in stores, I still have some original first edition printed books available (my own private stock) for those who want to read it the old fashioned way! I will do my best to post your book the next after I receive your order. Why not do yourself a favour and get ahead of everyone else at Internet Dating (stop them deleting that email you paid for for a start! This is the #1 practical guide to Internet dating in the world, and it's all yours for under ten bucks delivered to your door.

English | Jan 1, 2001 | ISBN: 1876494549 | ASIN: B004MDLVAO | 159 Pages | PDF | 410 KBThe Art of Internet Dating is the definite practical reference guide to Internet Dating.

It has been the most widely distributed and referenced internet dating book for over a decade.

: A Hands-On Guide to Your (6149) Sex Positions Exposed!

Home1 | Home2 | About | View | Log Books | FAQ | Thoughts | The Author | Tips | Links | Scams | Reviews | Media Other Web Sites by the Author: EEVblog | The Amp Hour | Electronics | Geo Caching | Canyoning | Solar Sponge | Boondaburra"It was about time someone legitimised Internet dating. L Jones brings Internet dating into the cold hard light of day and shows it to be a socially acceptable and enjoyable activity...""Though this e Book speaks of affairs of the heart it is addressed to your brain.Here is just sample of what you will learn: - What internet dating is, how it work, and what you can expect.- The unwritten rules and etiquette of internet dating - How to cheat (not what you think!A free public, threaded pickup discussion forum synchronized in real-time with private USENet newsgroups (allowing access by NNTP newsreaders).Additional features include mailing list support & real-time search of all articles.The Art of Internet Dating for over a decade has been the definite reference guide to mastering the field.