In short, alphas love a feminine and submissive woman, and if you’re smart, you learn how to sit back and enjoy the ride. However, a *true* alpha male almost elicits automatic submissiveness from a feminine woman, because he doesn’t bluster and throw around his authority, he it.

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If both parties are jockeying for the “top position” there’s going to be a lot of conflict and a lot less love and adoration.

Alpha males are attracted to their opposite–the woman.

I turned to her because we’d met on a panel once before and because I respected her experience and wisdom.

I told her that I wasn’t sure that I felt what I was supposed to feel for the woman who I was considering proposing to.

First, if you’ve turned the head of a *true* alpha male, pat yourself on the back.

Because an alpha male believes he should have the best of everything, and if he wants you, then you’ve got it going on, girl!And if so, what type of woman would be able to create a happy life with a man like this?Based on your advice and that of others I’ve read, it seems that no woman should attempt to deal with these guys.The way you take care of an alpha and keep him wanting more is to express your own power within the confines of the game, or the dance, if you will.You are his soft place to land, you are his receiver, you are his nurturer.” again, suggesting that women should steer clear of handsome alpha types who are quite likely to ultimately let them down. If the conventional wisdom is for women to avoid relationships with them, is it in their (the alpha guys) best interest to skip the so-called American dream, avoid marriage and children and just bounce from one short-term relationship to another?