I was PISSED and, since actions speak louder than words, decided to give him a taste of his own medicine by giving HIM the silent treatment in response.

The degree of his panic and hysteria was incredible once he realized that I was not sitting around crying and eager to talk to him.

There were signs that I saw but did not process them at the time but I chose to ignore them as my father was dying.

Whilst I was strong enough I would stand up to her and she would “meekly” back down.

After dad died and I needed support, the devaluing and passive abuse became horrendous, couldn’t believe what was happening so after 3 months I walked (after I was informed that she did not love me).

That was almost 2 years ago and am now in a much better place.

🙂 I stopped being someone they could use for their supply and maybe they think they “discarded” ME but really I gave THEM the boot out of my life. Narcissist want you because you’re more powerful, happy, adjusted than they are.

I was so worried about seeing my current narcissist ex-friend in public after going no contact and WHAT A BLESSING I saw her at an event last night and she almost ran the other way from me / ignored me! When you call them out on is, get assertive and state your boundaries, they run and hide. Reply Not sure what Cluster B disorder my ex-had but there were so many instances where her behaviour was “typical” of many of the disorders.He still continued to pull EVERY OTHER trick in the narcissist’s arsenal, though, eventually leading me to end the relationship in order to preserve my own sanity). I wish I had read an article like this when I was dating the narcissist.Reply Agreed I had to file for divorce after 24 years I could see in his face the mask was slipping. It would have been super helpful, although I was so in to him that I would have rationalized his abusive behavior in some other way.That little incident made realise that I have learnt a lot from my experience and am now stable and feeling positive.I felt no anger or irritation just a sense of relief that I am well rid of her and no longer need to pander to the shit behaviour or be the butt of her vitriol and be a sycophant into the bargain.Reply My cheating husband went no contact nearly a year ago he’s a psychopath and I got tired of his affairs inside our Family home. He even abandoned our beautiful dog in the discard so shameful a 53 year old man! I’m a big man who can take a beating physically and verbally. Good advice regarding not initiating contact, ive done this before. I proceediddd to harass her verbally by calling her names and putting her down. She dumped me 3 days into the shutoff or ignoring phase and as I lay here , my last night in our house cause she kicked me out.