More than 2.1 billion people around the world - or nearly 30% of the global population - are now overweight or obese, with the figure set to rise to almost half of the world's adult population by 2030, according to the Mc Kinsey Global Institute (MGI), which carried out the report.This would save around £16 billion a year in UK, including an annual saving of about £766 million in the NHS, according to the study.MGI director Richard Dobbs said: ''Efforts to address obesity have been piecemeal up till now.

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“We did not set out to create a comprehensive visual overview of all battles fought around the world.

However, if more people get involved in entering and updating data in Wikipedia, Wikidata, and DBpedia, it might be possible to create an inclusive map of all the battles fought around the world.” There are some issues with the map, however, as Wikipedia data is not 100 per cent reliable and the key words used may result in irrelevant results being used or other battles excluded.

The first recorded conflict on the geography of violence map is the Battle of Zhuolu, which took place in China in 2500 BC.

LAB1100 founder Kessels told the BBC he believes the map could be used in schools to teach children about different conflicts.

The current rate of obesity and overweight conditions suggest the cost to the NHS could increase from between £6 billion and £8 billion in 2015 to between £10 billion and £12 billion in 2030, the study found.

The recommended interventions to reduce the cost of obesity include: :: Portion control in fast food packaged goods. :: Introducing healthy meals in schools and workplaces.

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