This special workshop will also introduce you to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can help make important choices and enable personnel to get to the appropriate response faster and be more accurate in their diagnosis, since the AI can find causality where humans cannot; seamlessly validating information in the background as every call develops.

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Futuristic applications such as the resupply of EMS units or delivery of essential supplies to firefighters and law enforcement officers under adverse conditions via drones, and other applications, will also be discussed.

Andreas Claesson, Ph D, RN, EMT-P, will present his award-winning work in the research and development of UAV use to deliver drones in Sweden to facilitate early defibrillation in out-of-hospital-cardiac-arrest (OHCA).

NREMT: Other Continuing Education, NEMSMA Instructors: Robert Farmer, BSM, FACPE, Public Safety Evangelist and Next Gen Solutions Director, Atos Public Safety Ryan Greenberg, Executive Director, Med Span Integrated Health Workshop Description This full-day leadership academy, based on the Lee County (FL) Public Safety Leadership Academy and the NEMSMA Seven Pillars of EMS Officer Competencies, provides aspiring and new supervisors with several critical skills they need in order to perform in their new role.

The workshop is broken up into seven parts, with each part related to one of the “Seven Pillars of EMS Officer Competencies–Supervisor Officer." Each section uses an activity from the Lee County Public Safety Leadership Academy and is based on a competency needed to perform well as a new Supervising Officer. 19 NREMT: Airway, Respiration and Ventilation Instructor: Michael Keller, NRP, Southeast Regional Coordinator, The Difficult Airway Course: EMS Workshop Description Essentials of Advanced Airway Management is an 8-hour course designed for ALS providers who perform advanced airway management, including intubation and NIPPV, without the use of sedatives and/or paralytics.

Hands on Demonstrations: Douglas Spotted Eagle and Andreas Claesson will introduce attendees to state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles currently available and show how easily and effectively they can be utilized by public safety personnel. In fact, the rural, remote or "wilderness" incidents are big magnifiers of small problems.

Rescuers and EMS responders need to think differently in these environments!

The environment, response distance and ability to carry everything needed at these incidents means a different approach is needed.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a provider who occasionally faces prolonged care situations, your understanding of the concepts of Wilderness Medicine are essential. 19 Off-site Workshop // Location: MEDIC Facility NREMT: Other Continuing Education, NEMSMA Instructors: Amar Patel, DHSc, MS, NRP, Director, Center for Innovative Learning Wake Med Health Andrew E.

Participants will be offered a first-hand opportunity to see and try different modalities that can be used to achieve the same learning outcomes.