The depth of love shared by Cancer and Taurus is in part born of a karmic link between the two signs, and is underscored by a healthy level of mutual respect.

Taurus woman will soon begin to be annoyed by her partner's absolute obedience and resignation - passion, resistance, struggle, opposition and defense of one's own opinions turn her on.

Taurus woman wants to have a strong personality near her that will guide her unbridled temper to a peaceful course.

Expect this couple to keep themselves pretty much to themselves, however.

They’re not great social animals, and much prefer the company of each other and their children instead of seeing friends or enjoying activities beyond the home.

At the heart of this relationship is a mutual need for security, which is what makes the partnership so strong.

While a desire for emotional security is strong in Taurus, Cancer compatibility insists on an ever greater level of emotional stability, so these two signs are a good match in that regard.When the Lover of the zodiac meets and falls in love with the Homemaker, you have a recipe for long term happiness and stability that few can match.Cancer and Taurus compatibility is rooted in shared values and a similar outlook on life, which makes this couple great friends and trusted allies as well as ideal lovers.She is a queen, and everyone who meets her on the way must know this.Pisces man will make a mistake if he will unconditionally obey the Taurus woman: the passion between these zodiac signs, flaring up like a match, will quickly be extinguished before it could flare up into a larger fire.She wants to see softness in her partner but combined with strength and perseverance.