Ric Fredenhof, Hong Kong I am a frequent visitor to Jakarta and am extremely familiar with many of the city hotels.

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It was interesting reading your article on hotels that don't allow cameras.

My wife and I have had this experience a few times and we find it quite odd. We always check your magazine for good advice when we travel to Asia.

As we were staying on The Bund we had a chance to explore some of the [new 45km] extension for joggers and walkers.

The city planners have done a fantastic job in visualising and executing the plans for development along this extended walkway with museums and art and interesting stopping points.

Much earlier there was the February 1989 case of United 811 - a B-747 - flying Los Angeles to Sydney with stops along the way.

Shortly after take-off from Honolulu, a faulty cargo door caused a fatal decompression blowing out several seats and resulting in the deaths of nine passengers.

Incidentally he was at my birthday dinner the day before the 50km hike.

Michael Sanders Hong Kong I have been reading your magazine for over five years.

Mail: Dancing Wolf Media, Room 2802 Tung Wai Commercial Building, 109-111 Gloucester Rd, Wanchai, Hongkong.

Send Letter to the Editor I have just returned from Shanghai and had a chance to read your article before I left.

K Beng, Singapore I have had the good fortune to spend a brief while at the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary on one of my earlier trips to India and recall it well. I am not sure I met any of the feline family featured here but it was good to read up on some of the residents of the park in such personal terms.