Matt O’Leary, Gary Giggles from “Spy Kids,” plays the older brother.

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When Will accidentally makes a clone of himself, he finds out that his new friend is very intelligent.

So like any seventh grader that dislikes school, Will makes his clone go to school for him.

Not in the real world: Santa Claus When Allie and Sam “find” a strange object in the woods, they learn that it is a weather machine.

In order to miss school, they make Los Angeles a winter wonderland during the Christmas season.

Adam Hansen wants to get his mom a date, so he can sneak out and go to a concert.

But he and his siblings soon realize that their mom’s date does not just want to go out to dinner but have her for his dinner!

But it is said that there is a ghost in the oldest screen.

All phantoms asides, we find that we should treasure the past as well as be a non-workaholic kid while we still can.

Sure, they were excessively cheesy sometimes and often hit you over the head with the lessons they were trying to teach, but they were entertaining, dammit.