We advise that you first finish the update and then move the program once the update is complete.

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The original game disk-E disk can not be opened, successfully locked.

Notes: When using i SCSI, if you shut down or reboot the server, you must first disconnect the i SCSI.

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Make sure you have a valid backup of Check the program and database file paths.

If you wish to change the paths, you need to follow the procedure to move the program.Figure 1‑1116) After completing the steps above, in the "Disk Management", there will be one more virtual disk.We need to update the games in the new virtual disk.Before the upgrade, the server must have an active license set.This is important so that the database upgrade is not accidentally performed from a client computer.Before installing on a client/workstation, you must complete the update on the server as described below and start uses . The installation of these components might require your computer/server to be rebooted twice, depending on your current installation.