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The next person is just a few clicks, swipes or texts away.

Dating apps are growing in popularity, with no sign of slowing.

Researchers surveyed 300 university students about their mental health, cell phone and internet use, and motivations for using electronic devices.

“With growing support for the connection between technology use and mental health, the relationship between motivation for cell phone or internet use and well-being warrants further exploration,” Lleras said.

Despite the bad rep online dating once had, society has embraced this path to love, with 15 percent of U. adults reporting they've used dating apps or websites as of 2016.

And we've all heard the success stories—even famous people have found love online.

Among heterosexual couples, online dating skyrocketed starting in the mid-90s before plateauing in the early 2000s, as mutual friend connections have dipped.

The only other meeting opportunity that increased during the same time was meeting at bars or restaurants, which is how 22 percent of millennials surveyed in 2015 met their significant others.

Now, researchers Josué Ortega and Philipp Hergovich have used this spike in activity to chart the present and future impacts of online dating.

Data collected over the past 50 years shows shifts in the networks that connect partners.

The earliest online dating platforms launched in 1995.