"They attacked me....saying who did I think I was, sitting there, never talking, judging them, withholding."Men risk being misinterpreted by their silence.As I have observed in corporate America, its source could be the desire to maintain power and control.The female architect spoke very softly, but the contractors, building inspectors, plumbers, and electricians on the job were primarily used to a male-dominated culture in which whoever spoke the loudest was king.

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In , the famous architect Frank Gehry explained how his silence got him into trouble in his group therapy.

For two years, Gehry attended these twice-weekly meetings with other talented business people, writers, and artists, but shy by nature, he never uttered a word! "They said things that stunned me," he wrote in his autobiography.

But because society somewhat finds a correlation between emotional men and homosexual tendencies, the Water Sign Men shields shield themselves from the condemnation of the public by trying to hold their feelings and keeping these strong feelings at bay.

Women may want the classic male-with all the macho attitude and all.

Clinton is not only well versed in the use of language but he is also a master of rhythm and cadence as well." Men also use volume in their speech to command attention and authority.

They may talk over others by growing louder to keep the floor and squelch other speakers.

Or they can appreciate those with the softer side to a greater extent.

In the long run, a man’s ability to rise above his emotions or to let his emotions take over his life is not the issue that should be considered.

This is not to say that men don't talk - of course they do.