My dad launched a court case to execute his grandparental visitation rights, but my white trash ex sister in law more or less lied to the court; Dad lost his case, she didn't have to deal with the kids, my older brother came out as arrogant as he always has been. She was very charming and people loved her, but she also abused me heavily.I will be the first person to piss on his tombstone at his funeral. She would lie to people about me so no one would ever believe me if I told them about the abuse.

When I started hearing voices as a child I begged her for help and she would just make fun of me till I cried, it gave her great joy.

She also slowly poisoned my cat over two weeks for a car accident the cops said was not my fault.

Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, and you sound like an especially kind person. I just hate to think of someone with that kind of difficult past going through life without one. I have tried to create one as an adult but no one likes sad big tittied blondes, it's like everyone loves me when I am we'll but when I get down they don't believe it and they disappear.

Which is even more impressive considering the way you grew up. Got laid off two years ago and have been trying to get a therapist but the public health system is pretty frustrating to navigate.

He could be the most charming, friendly, affable and intelligent in the person you could meet....until you stopped being of any use to him.

The moment he wasn't able to manipulate you, take advantage of, or use you, he'd cut you out of his life and move on. If you weren't lucky, he'd become incredibly abusive verbally, physically, and he play with your emotions to see what you would do.

They all give me conflicting information and it's pretty frustrating.

I am low income right now so public health services are all that is available to me and it's become a joke that isnt funny anymore but I am doing the best I can. I'm so sorry your mom put you through that; I can't believe someone could be so callous and malicious to a child, even factoring in the mental disorder.

Of course, my friend's answer was a resounding no.