Dating with standards is consciously and soberly choosing to hook up with someone because you are drawn to them on an intimate level.It's about the emotional long game, and not the physical short game.From an evolutionary perspective, hooking-up can be detrimental to women due to the uncertainty of maintaining the relationship after the encounter. The reason men are called gods or studs and women are called sluts should be obvious.

While casual sex implies sexual intercourse, hooking-up does not necessarily imply sexual intercourse, but rather sexual behaviors.

According to the researchers, "because a hook-up can refer to kissing and petting as well as sexual intercourse, adolescent girls can disclose during post-encounter commentary with peers without having to worry about being considered a "prude" or a "slut"".

The media glamorizes images of extreme behavior such as late night partying at fraternities, multiple hook-ups, and excessive drinking which perpetuates teens' hook-up mentality. Prof says alcohol, dating culture leads to college hook-ups. Retrieved December 2, 2010, from: Credit: By misattributing the problem, you're creating a blind spot while rather openly perpetuating sexism.

Fielder and Carey's research suggests that the two most salient predictors of sexual hook-ups consist of the number of past hook-up partners and the individual's intoxication level. it's that students following a gender essentialist script that connections sex for pleasure and emotional detachment and rudeness to men and the idea that having sex for the sex of sex obviously must follow that model that is causing the problem, not the sex.

There are lots of "guys I would never go out with" who were interested in me online and IRL, and I just brushed them off because I didn't view them romantically.

Since then, I've learned there are essentially two ways to date: Dating for attention and dating with standards. If you are seeking attention, are bored or want to feel like you are desirable, you're likely saying yes to most offers that come your way. There is definitely something to be said for going on many, many dates and learning more about your tastes, likes, dislikes, etc. The fanfare of getting a blowout, buying an outfit, getting your nails done and fancy cocktails?

So a lot of your communication is going to revolve around evoking a reaction and not worrying too much about real emotions.

When you're dating with standards, you are more likely to be honest with your feelings, good or bad.

A new phenomenon is emerging in high schools and colleges as teens are drifting away from the formal dating rituals from decades since past and are ‘hooking-up'.

According to researchers Robyn Fielder and Michael Carey (2010), "a hook-up is a catch-all term used by adolescents and young adults to describe a sexual interaction between two partners who expect no romantic commitment."Researchers Leanna Fortunato, Amy Young, Carol Boyd, and Courtney Fons (2010) likened hooking-up to casual sex in that both acts consist of partners who are acquaintances or strangers with no initial intention of considering the future.

Perhaps the immediate social context of the college or high school environment, coupled with the media's distal influence, perpetuates the hook-up environment.